‘Mural Stories’

Each house tells a story, and each work of art by Pikdiz adds a chapter. Transform your space into a scene of tranquility and style.

Artistic Excellence In Premium Edition

Each Piece, A Masterpiece


At Pikdiz, we celebrate contemporary Afrostyle Art by offering you unique and inspiring works to enrich your interior. Our art posters are much more than just wall decorations - they embody a vision, an emotion and your story.

We believe in the power of art to transform spaces and lives. Each piece we create is the result of an unparalleled passion, meticulous attention to detail and a deep love for beautiful things. At Pikdiz, we are constantly informed of the latest trends in contemporary Afro lifestyle, to offer you works at the forefront of elegance and style. Creations that speak to your soul and integrate perfectly into your environment.

Our mission is simple: to make art accessible to all, while maintaining exceptional quality. Whether you want to enhance the atmosphere of your living room, add a personal touch to your bedroom or inspire creativity in your office, at Pikdiz you will find art posters that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our works are designed to inspire you every day.

I, Karine, am the illustrator artist and artistic director of Pikdiz. Every work I conceive is the result of my passion and dedication. Wylène, our trend manager, ensures with her keen sense of current trends that each piece is anchored in our time. Together, we are committed to creating works that not only decorate, but transform your spaces into true sanctuaries of beauty and inspiration.


At Pikdiz, each wall becomes a canvas of personal expression. Discover how our posters can transform your space and reflect your unique personality.

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Make your interior a sanctuary of beauty and inspiration with Pikdiz.

Karine and Wylène

The founders of Pikdiz


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