Welcome to Pikdiz, where each work is an invitation to discover worlds filled with beauty and emotion.

We are Karine and Wylène, sisters and founders of Pikdiz. Our story begins under the sunny skies of Guadeloupe, a place where colors and cultures blend harmoniously, inspiring each creation we share with you.

Karine, the Artist at the Heart of Pikdiz
As an illustrator artist and art director, I put my heart and soul into every work we design. For me, every line, every nuance, every detail is a piece of the puzzle that tells a story, a story rooted in our Afrostyle heritage and destined to resonate in the hearts of those who discover it.

Wylène, the Trend Visionary
Alongside my sister, Wylène, our Trend Director, brings a unique perspective to Pikdiz. His keen eye and innate sense of current trends ensure that each creation is both timeless and anchored in our times. She ensures that our works capture the spirit of the times, while remaining faithful to our cultural roots.

At Pikdiz, each creation is the fruit of our love for beautiful things. We firmly believe that beauty is in the details, and that's why we collaborate with printing experts to preserve every nuance and detail of our works. Our posters are not just images; they are visual experiences designed to transform your spaces and touch your hearts.

Joining the Pikdiz family is much more than decorating your walls. It is an invitation to celebrate beauty, emotion and personal expression. Each piece we create is a bridge between cultures and generations, an ongoing celebration of our heritage.

We invite you to explore, share and celebrate this unique artistic adventure with us. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Pikdiz, where each work is a window open to a world of beauty and emotion.

Welcome to Pikdiz, where art resonates with your heart.