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Royal essence - Art poster

Royal essence - Art poster

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Immerse yourself in the world of sophistication with "royal essence." This work of art is not content to decorate your walls; It embodies grace, strength and elegance.

Each time you enter a room embellished by “royal essence,” you feel a deep connection. It is not just a decoration, it is a source of inspiration, a constant reminder of your own majesty and your inner power.

In Pikdiz, we believe in the importance of art to transform spaces and lives. “Royal essence” is designed to resonate with your soul, to raise your mind and to add a touch of splendor to your daily life.

By choosing this piece, you are not only off to a refined aesthetic, but also for a unique emotional experience. Celebrate your love for beauty and elegance with "royal essence" and let this work captivate and inspire all those who contemplate it.

Let “royal essence” become the focal point of your interior, enrich your spaces and remind you every day the royalty that resides in you.


To post : This premium matte paper, of a silky touch, offers a natural and smooth finish without reflecting.

Features : With a solid grammage of 200 g/m² (80 lb), our paper is not only resistant, but also durable. It is systematically from responsible sources, FSC certified or by equivalent certifications, depending on local availability, to respect our commitment to the planet and its inhabitants. Each poster is carefully packed in a robust packaging, ensuring delivery in perfect condition.

Note : The framework is not included with the art poster.
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