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At Pikdiz, we believe in the magic of art to transform spaces and touch hearts. Giving a Pikdiz gift card is much more than a simple present, it is a gesture of love and sharing, an invitation to discover and appropriate unique works that resonate deeply with the soul.

Imagine allowing your loved ones to choose a piece of art that brightens their daily lives, adds a touch of sophistication to their interior and tells a story. Our gift cards, available in amounts of €25, €35, €45, €55, €65 and €105, offer this possibility. They are the passport to a universe where each illustration is the fruit of our passion and dedication, designed to inspire and move.

Giving a Pikdiz gift card means offering the power to choose a work that really speaks to the person who receives it. It’s allowing your friends and family to create a sanctuary of beauty and inspiration in their own space. Whether for a birthday, a special celebration or just to please, our gift cards are the perfect choice.

Imagine the joy of your loved ones upon receiving this gift card. They will be able to browse our collection, feel the emotion behind each work, and choose the one that touches them the most. It is a personal experience, a moment of connection with Afro-contemporary art, and a way to celebrate the diversity and beauty of our culture.

At Pikdiz, we put our heart into every creation. Giving a gift card means sharing this passion, this emotion, and allowing your loved ones to experience a unique artistic adventure. It’s giving them the key to transforming their home into a place of style and inspiration.

Give beauty, offer emotion, offer Pikdiz.

Pikdiz gift cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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